Dating escort girls in Guadalajara

Dating escort girls in Guadalajara

Escort services in Guadalajara is a separate category of the intimate industry focused on representatives of the highest society and wealthy clients. That’s why there are a few agencies and over three hundred individual sex workers in the town, one can find them at specialized internet platforms, such as Escort agencies are concerned about their reputation, that’s why all their employees are reliable and trustworthy. But dealing with putas working independently one should be careful, because there might be cheaters and thieves among them. That’s why if you’ve arrived in a popular town and plan to familiarize yourself with the local sex industry and its distinctive features, try to take precautions and stick to a few recommendations. 

Safety rules

Even if you have decided to spend the evening with a sex professional working for a popular Mexican escort agency or a well-reputed individual having many positive reviews of the previous clients, still you need to be prudent and take care of your safety. Local knowledgeable men who are well aware due to their own experience of all the subtleties of the intimate market in Guadalajara, advise to follow some time-tested rules of behavior during the date with a professional priestess of love:

1. Assess the location of your future date. In most of the resort towns and regions the central part is the safest for tourists and travelers. But there are also outskirts and districts with such a high level of delinquency that even the local residents avoid going there. If the girl you’ve chosen has invited you for a date to such a hazardous place or a precarious hotel, hardly does she belong to the escort category. Anyway, the easiest of the complications is that you’ll have very mediocre intimate services, but things might turn out to be much worse and you’ll be robbed, abused and have all other negative consequences for health and finance and long-lasting headache instead of sweet recollections.
2. Look around. If you both have agreed about a date on her territory immediately on your arrival at the designated address look around attentively. If you notice something unusual or suspicious, like a group of people paying too much attention to you or whatever other details making you feel uncomfortable, just be alert! If something seems wrong, unusual, inappropriate or alarming – just turn around and leave without hesitations. Keep in mind that all technical works in hotels are performed in the first half of the day. So, if you see a group of people in technician uniforms, this can mean only two things. It’s either there are grave technical problems in the hotel building or these people are not the hotel’s technicians. In both cases, it would be highly unwise for you to stay there.
3. Hide your wallet. Don’t bring all your savings in your wallet, just put the specified sum of money with a little extra for the tips in your wallet before going to a date, but the remaining cash should be left in the safety box in your hotel. This precaution will guarantee the security of your finance in case you happen to become a victim of cheaters or thieves. It’s not advisable to hide your cash in your car either, in case you drive to the date. There are very skillful handymen here, who are capable of breaking into and emptying any car within a few minutes, car alarm being no obstacle for them.
4. Show your money. On your arrival to the date show the prostitute the sum of money that you agreed upon. Thus, the girl will know for sure that you’ll pay her for her time and skills, that you aren’t a cheater or a freebie hunter. If there is only an intimate part in your program, you can put the specified amount on the table or near the bed. If there is a long continuation with escorting to an event or dinner at the restaurant, it will be proper to pay partially in advance and to postpone paying the remaining money after the whole program of services and entertainment has been completely fulfilled by the escort girl.
5. Check the legal status of your sex partner. In Mexico prostitutes and escort girls work legally, that’s why a client doesn’t have to worry about any punishment for hiring a puta. If you have ordered a partner in an expensive agency and are counting on the elite level of her services, it’ll be absolutely logical to check the fact of her employment at the company you’ve chosen. This way you’ll avoid all the disappointments you don’t want.
6. Make yourself presentable before the date. Some putas ask their clients to take a shower before sexual games. It’s ok, but keep in mind that her working time has started the moment you entered her apartment, or she came into your hotel room. In such a manner smart priestess of love reduce their working hours. So, you’d better take a shower and perform other self-care procedures before you date her.

The intimate market of Guadalajara is developing rapidly, which is why every man desiring sex for money will find here a professional meeting his tastes. But there are also criminal groups specializing in the protection racket of inexpensive prostitutes and sex salons. That’s why men should be attentive and careful when they are going to enjoy Mexican escort services for the first time.